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Cat3Design Tiller Feedback

Bob L

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Christopher Allan

It’s been 3 years since I flew a real 320 and my company (now defunct) transferred me to the dark side to fly that other  popular single-aisle machine.  As an avid simmer, recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Tiller by Cat3Design to use with the FSLabs A3XXX fleet.

My very first thought was, “Wow - this has just transformed my taxying experience!” It was immediately recognisable in feel and response, and does a superb job of simulating the real-world A320 tiller. It may be a little smaller and a little lighter, but after having flown the real aircraft for 7 1/2 years I can say that this tiller feels very authentic and fits under my fingertips perfectly. It could be argued that one’s sensibilities might have been dulled after several years of trucking around in a used 737, but this felt so natural from the first use that I began to wonder why I had put up with anything else in 28 years of simming, especially in the past 7 years of FSLabbing. It easily reminds me of the plane I used to fly, and nothing about it makes me think, “Oh, he should change this or that…” There are plenty of photos and reviews about other aspects of the package so I won’t repeat those efforts here, but I will  say that as a real world A320 pilot I give this product my full endorsement.

One question I had was where to put it. I have found that it is sized very well for the desktop environment and isn’t as bulky as I thought it would be. The cable is plenty long enough to allow the unit to be moved around easily as necessary.

Cat3Design is committed to providing excellent customer service and I can personally attest to this manufacturer’s credibility and integrity as well.

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Daniel Jaffe
1 hour ago, DaveBeckett said:

Tried to buy one but got an email saying they no longer make or sell them as they have all gone back to being pilots.



That's too bad.  I just got one in March.  I guess it must have been on the tail-end of their production.  If you can find one used, I highly recommend it.

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Zachary Kerr
9 hours ago, DaveBeckett said:

Tried to buy one but got an email saying they no longer make or sell them as they have all gone back to being pilots.



That’s too bad. It’s such an amazing piece of equipment. I bought two of them…..because i had a feeling that might happen. Sorry guys. Our loss. 

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