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FSL Spotlight with A32X-X

Hugo Bicho

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Tried to change some of the VC's flood lights on the 320 like I've managed to do in the past, however it seems like it's not the case anymore ?




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Norman Blackburn

Hi Hugo,

The ability to change lights does not extend to the FSL aircraft.  These are all controlled in code.

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I am very sad to hear that, I was very pleased with the service provided by FSL Spotlight with the 320 series, specially when I was able to reproduce the LED Flood cockpit environment as close as the real one...


May I ask for a reconsideration of the return to the possibility of changing the lights manually ? Unfortunately, I am not entirely happy with the current lights and would have loved to make some changes...


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Andrew Wilson

Hi Hugo,

The issue is that we have to support both P3D v4 and v5, which have significant changes in the lighting system. And therefore we have to cater for these in our code at runtime. 

If you would like to provide some feedback on how you think the lighting can be improved, I will take that into consideration.

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