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Pot replacement with Hall Sensors

Timo Heller

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Timo Heller

Hello all,

I apologise if I have missed an already existing topic. Anyways, I  was wondering if I could get some help in replacing the pots in by brake pedals with hall sensors. Currently the pots have different starting points, so evenly braking is quite the task, not to say impossible!

Now, I haven't fully grasped the concept of the hall sensors as pots yet. How do I need to set them up so both sides react identically, in other words, how would I calibrate the range? Because with the pots, whatever I do, one always reacts before the other or reaches the end way before, I would't want to run into the same problem again!

Next, I would have followed the concept of two neodim magnets revolving around the sensor, as seen in other forums. Kinda like the Bic pen version just 3D printed. I read that the perfect replacement for the pots used by saitek in their rudder pedals are the Allegro A1324 Sensors as they require no extra hard- or software change. Does anybody know of further options? What are the needed specifications apart from the 5V and 3pin config?

Lastly, are there any other details to consider? Is it really as easy as it seems?

Thanks in advance!

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