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Martin von Dombrowski

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Martin von Dombrowski

Hey guys!

I was wondering which program/app you guys use to take screenshots, in particular without losing too much quality due to the compression. While looking through your screenshots in the "Random screenshot" thread, I noticed that the screenshots are super crisp. When I take screenshots, however, it loses a lot of quality and gets blurry. Maybe it's just me and I'm expecting too much and there is a lot of post-processing involved in order to make the screenshots like they are presented in this forum?

My current method to take screenshots is with ReShade in .png format.

Maybe you guys have some tips to take good crisp screenshots?



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mariabella devin


I am facing the same issue as you and I searched some solutions about this issue which may help you. Here I am sharing my points.

  • Screenshot-O-Matic
  • AceThinker
  • ScreenFlow
  • Screencastify
  • Bandicam
  • Filmora Scrn
  • Camtasia TechSmith's Camtasia makes it simple to capture and make professional-looking videos on your PC.
  • ShareX. This open-source screen recording software is ideal for capturing videos.
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