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Feature Request: Make Lvars/Offsets great again!

Daniel Saffran

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Daniel Saffran

Since I have now a way to have actual "Live" Switches without having to buy very specialized Hardware, my biggest Problem is now to read/get their actual State from the A3XX.

Thankfully, most Korrys do at least have their On/Off State reflected with Lvars. None of them show a "special" State at all ("Hot", "Fault", "Avail" and there like).
EXT Pwr and APU Start was driving me nuts, they don't even reflect their On/Off State! I have managed to somehow get it most of the time and half-way accurate working (even the "Avail"), but for that I need around ~60 Lines of Lua-Code to get the State of just two Buttons (and then only half-way accurate). That can't honestly be working as intended, or is it?

Reading Things like the Baro, FCU or "the real" Transponder/Radios is sadly just out of Scope without specialized Hardware. :( 

So my feature Request(s) would be:
- At a minimum, please let APU Start and EXT Pwr at least reflect (permanently!) their On/Off State
- Maybe you could add some special States in the Lvars, at least in a simple Manner? Like for Example: 0=Off, 10=On, 20=Hot for the Brake Fans Lvar. That wouldn't still be accurate, since the Indication is shown regardless of Fans being On or Off, but it would be a Start! Or maybe even like: 0=Off, 5=Off-Hot, 10=On, 15=On-Hot? Or a second Lvar for that?
Brake Fans as an Example. For other things it would be nice too (AI, Packs, said EXT PWR/APU Start, ABRK, ...)!
- Maybe you could even update more standard Offsets and/or update them more accurately? Even without any "Cockpit Building needs" it would make the Bus more user-friendly with ATC-Apps in case of the Radios. I could have used the APU Offsets for the "Avail" Indication, but none of these Offsets shows anything (besides the APU is completely dead while actual running)! The Engine's N1/N2 are visible, but don't reflect the correct Values (I've tried many Offsets). (Again, two Examples)

I do recognize that this is more work, but please at least fix some it. It doesn't match to the usual quality standards from FSLabs imho. And don't get me started about the Documentation on Interfacing/Integration. ^^
I could also imagine to pay the common price-mark around 20-30€ for a complete (!) way to Interface via Lvars and Offsets. I know that there is no free Lunch :D 
(complete meaning I could actually read things like Baro, FCU, Korry Indications, ECAM Values via Offsets/Lvars)

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Daniel Saffran


Yes, that would be the "complete way" I was referring too.
No, fixing some Lvars behavior and maybe even let them reflect a little bit more is not (imho).

Generally, I'd like to encourage that it would be nice if there could be "something in between" absolutely-barebone-minimum and Skalarki :)
(Besides some basic mentioned Lvar/Offset fixing that I'd count more to Product Polishing)

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