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ECP Buttons doesn't work correctly

Branco Vaccaro

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Branco Vaccaro

Good evening everyone,

     I started this topic because I was trying to configure with FSUIPC the ECAM Control Panel buttons in a panel I created myself but unfortunately It doesn't work properly. 

     First, I create a Mouse Macro for each button of the ECP in order to FSUIPC identify these buttons and, in that way, be able to assign It to my panel. So far everything was fine, but the problem I have is when the press the button on my panel to popup the system page on the System Display, the button is held down and It doesn't allow me to remove it, except click with mouse and quit the selected page. This occurs in all ECP buttons, except for CLR buttons, as well as they work correctly in all pushbuttons of the aircraft (when I press P/B Switch, it turns on and press again and turns off). For example, in the same panel I have assign CLR button and It work perfect. Therefore, I understand my panel is working correctly.

Do you know if the ECP buttons has different configuration than the rest of pushbuttons?

How could I solve this inconvenience?

Are there any settings that I am not applying? 

I would like to solve this problem in order to use my ECP panel made by me. I would appreciate your help.

Thank you very much,


Branco Vaccaro.


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Branco Vaccaro

Thank you very much Vincent Twisker. Rotor Brakes worked fine, except the Hydraulic Blue Elec Pump P/B Switch and the Oxygen Mask Man ON P/B Switch. As I can see, in the list of rotor brakes these switches appears for “GUARD” command only. Any suggestion?

Thank you again.




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Vincent Twisker

Hi Branco,

Good to hear that you have managed to get the ECP buttons to work. For the overhead buttons unfortunately, the rotorbrake codes are often not working well. Maybe you can create mouse macro's for those buttons. With such a fantastic simulation of the 32X, we hope someday we get better support (SDK or homecockpit/professional version) for "DIY" homecockpits.

Best of luck,


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Branco Vaccaro

Thank you so much for all the information provided. It was very useful!!

Hopefully someday they can incorporate it to the rotor brake parameter list. 


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