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Upgrading a simple setup..

Aviram Etz Hadar

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Aviram Etz Hadar

Hi all,

totaly new to the world of PC and flight sim, i will appreciate your advise regarding the following:

I would like to upgrade my basic set up of PC + 27” screen + joystick to a more realistic A320 (right seat) cockpit..

i was thinking on the following set up:

two 17” screens for EFIS and ECAM, one small touch screen for FCU

already ordered Thrustmaster Airbus thrust levers & stick..

27” screen for scenery

will appreciate any advise on a different set ups, and it will be very helpful if some will alaborate on which hardware and software should I by and how to set everything together..

you can also mail me at avieh8@gmail.com

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you use the desktop version of the mcdu, like me. If you push the upper buttons, the desktop mcdu will tilt. Do you have a solution for that?




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Lefteris Kalamaras
9 minutes ago, Rick Postma said:

you use the desktop version of the mcdu, like me. If you push the upper buttons, the desktop mcdu will tilt. Do you have a solution for that?

If it's free-standing, a low-tech but surprisingly easy solution is to use dual-velcro tape underneath it. One side taped to the desk, another taped to the bottom of the unit, velcro to each other.

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That will kill my leather desktoplining....  Also, I will NOT put screws in....  ;-) 

i will use the mcdu later in my cockpit-to-be

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Frank de Witt

There are two versions; white and amber.  As Skalarki is very sparse with it's information on the website it is not really obvious though. At first I thought the amber and white options were only related to the backlight but it applies for the displays also.


My MCDU got lonely so I ordered some more hardware (WiP):


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Alberto Restifo

@Frank de Witt Fantastic setup and excellent ida to use a PC case for that LOL.

Are the buttons on the MCDU clicki? I'm thinking of getting it but I can't find any reviews of the Skalarki hardware, could you write up on your experience with it?

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Frank de Witt

Hey Alberto,

I can wholly recommend the MCDU from Skalarki. The buttons are fully functional and make a "click" sound if you mean that. The feel of the buttons is not 100% like IRL but it is close. Build quality is high and the video output shows correctly and is aligned with the LSKs. 

Two small personal downsides:

- The video output is via an old VGA connector. I would have liked to see an USB monitor here as that is more 2020 tech.

- You can use the MCDU with different simulator add ons but when using it with FSlabs you mileage may vary when it comes to FSLabs software support of your hardware. In my case I got none in the forum nor via a support ticket. This is mildly disappointing when paying a fair ammount of money for the license to the drivers.

If you have any questions feel also free to PM me.

Cheers, Frank

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Erwan Mace

@Frank de Witt are the Skalarki Audio and radio panel plug and play? You can use them individually (via USB) without the rest of the pedestal ?

Also did you buy the home line MCDU (no casing) or did you get the Desktop MCDU and take it out of its case to put in on your computer case ?




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