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The Best Of British.


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Greetings fellow simmers,

Please enjoy this latest batch of my screen shots of the best of British concorde. As always all shots are unedited but with a little help from REX2.0 & ENB mod.











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Taxi and To should be done with nose/visor at 5°... Not 12°...

Other than that, BEAUTIFUL pics. :)

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:o Great shots dude! Mine can't even compare to you. I love the engine angle, and the effects of the afterburners in shot #15.
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Thank you for all your wonderful praise, it is my pleasure to have shared this series with the FS community. Cheers.

Is that Meigs field in that #11? Man the angles you come up with are just amazing...keep up the amazing work!!

Thank you and yes, that is Meigs Field in Chicago.

Wow! Amazing screenshots!!

Is that Aerosoft Chicago City scenery?

btw what's your pc specs?

Thank you and yes that is AS Chicago. My PC specs are: Custom Build Lab Box, E8600 4Ghz, 4GB DDR2 RAM, ATI 4870x2 2048mb, 2x 75GB Raptors Raid0 4x128GB SSDs Raid0, Win 7 64bit.

Taxi and To should be done with nose/visor at 5°... Not 12°...

Other than that, BEAUTIFUL pics. :)

Thank you and yes, you are correct, but the 12' looked more dramatic for the screenshots :).

incredible pics ! How many FPS did you get on ground at EGLL please ? could you give me your specs ?

Thank you, I don't really fly at EGLL. In those shots I flew from FSdreamteam's KORD, my FPS averages 12-20 at a busy airports, 25 locked when flying. PC specs see above.

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amazing shots !

what scenry packs do u have there?

for the mesh .. (mountains .. cliffs)

Thank you, no addon mesh packs, just plain default FSX mesh.

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