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FSlabs a320 with mobiFlight

Dominik Fasura

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Dominik Fasura


I would like to ask if the FSlabs a320 is compatible with mobiFlight software? Because I want to build a home cockpit and FSlabs comes as my best choice. If not, are there any other options?

Thank you all for the answers.

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Dominik Fasura

Hi Norman,

I wrote on the mobiFlight forum and they referred me here. :D

Never mind, I'll ask otherwise. Is FSLabs a320 compatible or based on FSUIPC?

Thanks for the anwers.

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Norman Blackburn

Hi DOminik,

I (in my few moments of looking to see what the product is all about) may have seen your post.  In any event your most recent question is a tad confusing.

Is it compatible?  No idea but would say without intervention no.  Is it based on FSUIPC? Again no.  You can however use FSUIPC as some people have said in that forum to get codes for buttons etc.  7 segment displays Im afraid are going to be your downfall.

We do of course support Skalarki hardware.

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