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P3D v5 spotlight issue

Grant Meder

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Grant Meder

My first issue with Spotlights was that I tried to install it into my P3D Addons folder, and it would just crash my sim on launch no matter what. I reinstalled multiple times and nothing fixed it.

Then I installed it into the default locations, and it works only if I launch P3D v5 and let it sit on the main menu screen for a second. If I try to do something as soon as my menu shows up, it crashes.

Now, I installed ReShade 4.7.0 and now FSL Spotlights crashes my sim no matter what again. If I take the Spotlights folder out of my P3D V5 Addons folder, my sim launches fine. Any ideas?

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Norman Blackburn

Hi Grant

I suppose the real question is why are you trying to install in the P3D folder?  The P3D SDK, as well as common sense, suggests to install outside of the sim folder.  This means should a reinstall be needed then your addon will be unaffected.

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Grant Meder

Hi Norman

the folder I was trying to install to was outside of the root sim folder. My flightsim drive has F/Prepar3D v5 (root folder) and also F/Prepar3D v5 Addons (a folder with sceneries, aircraft, tools etc. )

Whenever I tried to install spotlights anywhere but the default locations in the installer my sim would crash when I got to the scenario menu. I tried to reinstall again and now with Reshade it crashes on the scenario menu every time. 

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  • 10 months later...

I have exactly the same issue. I have never used reshade and have just installed. Now everytime I load a flight with fslabs I get a CTD instantly.

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klaus legrand

Try to run without ReShade and test...(ZIp/rename the dll file) ...Resahde is nice but caused a lot of trouble to me. Specially it writes a log file that tends to be huge over time.

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