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Marcell Csendes

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Marcell Csendes


So I have built a panel, which can turns on the external lights for the Airbus, which is working very nicely as it was just an input for the simulator, the next step would be of course to get some feedback about it, (just like for the APU start button, which indicates ON, AVAIL in such a cases.)

How could I receive these values for the Airbus? Anyone knows perhaps?



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Vincent Twisker

Hey Marcell,


I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but to have actual LEDs functional in my homecockpit project I have invested in the following:


Spad.Next software

Ultimarc Pacled64 LED controller cards


Using this combination it is rather easy to have full control over the LEDs...ideal for me;)


Good luck with your project!



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