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Egll - Katl

Charan Kumar

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Charan Kumar

I know, really not possible, but this was a delivery flight and the Delta crew insisted they fly non-stop to atlanta, so only had the training load :lol:. Almost made it, but 35 miles out had an OOM as I had opened too many PDF files for approach charts...but I was glad I actually could make it, 14500kg remaining. Left at 5pm EGLL time reaching KATL/D35 in about 3hrs 40mts. About east of JFK I switched to manual fuel balancing and it is fun to watch the KG drop and the Low Pressure Pumps perform a disco light :)

Loading at the gates at EGLL (just the company personnel) ;)


Need I say more


ASA pulls in REX's expertise to give pointy a worthy backdrop


Mach 1.7, VFE is in the process of turning off the a/b




She has caught up with the sun 400 miles out of the KATL


For those interested, I have uploaded the textures to AVSIM, as soon as they confirm, I will post the link to it.

See you at Mach 2.

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Charan Kumar

Tks Andrew!! She is indeed a brilliant bird!!!

I have to thank you guys for the excellent documentation, or I wouldn't have managed to balance the fuel good enuf to reach as far as KATL w/o M/CG warning.

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Charan Kumar

Hi Daryl, you are most welcome!!

Pmpilot, there was a problem with the upload which I cudnt fix over the w/e. I will upload later today and let you know.

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