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David Murden

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This MOD combines my MCP only MOD with a new DOME light mod.

Here is one of the MCP lighting.


Now to the new Dome lighting. Because the default has two options I have made one for "DIM" and one for "Bright" you could turn them to your liking but don't use both at the same time please.

Here is the UI, just click the " - " on the Active line to turn ON and it will turn to a " Tick mark" and be ON


Here are some screenshots of the new Dome lighting.

Default "DIM" Dome light view to FO


MOD version with "Dome DIM" option.


Default version of "Bright"


MOD version of "Bright" NOTE: I love were the light just catchers the fuses and not some false light on all the panel.

Look at the seat!


Now for the Overhead panel.

Default "DIM"


MOD "Dome DIM"


Default "Bright"


MOD "Dome Bright"


NO screenshots will show it fully but I hope you will enjoy it fully when you use in the sim.
All the other light are not worth doing so the Modding for this from me will end here. NOTE it will not work on the 900.

Place the file below in P3D>SimObjects>Airplanes>PMDG 737-800NGXu BW






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51 minutes ago, windshear said:

Are you working on a version for the 737-900?

No. I don't ever fly the 900, sorry.

41 minutes ago, Fabrizio Pascucci said:

thank you

Thank you.

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10 hours ago, windshear said:

Why not? It would benefit a lot of people

I don't want to give up another night of my life for something I will not ever use. It's not a 5 min job. Be grateful for what you have. Not what you don't have.

"Why not" !! do one yourself.

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  • 3 months later...
David Murden

bump so easy to find, I still use it as the "fixed" lights are still not that good.

The default Dome lights are still bad.

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