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PMDG 737-800NGXu BW MCP Light Mod BIG update now done fully 15th Jan 2020

David Murden

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I made a temp fix version but now I have spent a lot of time to make this hopefully stunning new version.






How to install is here, just follow the instructions in the link below, but place in P3D 4.5>SimObjects>Airplanes>PMDG 737-800NGXu BW.




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Reynaldo Rodriguez
3 hours ago, David Murden said:

Until PMDG fix the MCP Lighting I have made this mod.







How to install is here, just follow the instructions in the link below, but place in P3D 4.5>SimObjects>Airplanes>PMDG 737-800NGXu BW


FSLSpotLights.ini 15.58 kB · 4 downloads

Thanks! Is this compatible with all other variants?

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Its a known fault that is going to be fixed, the lighting on the MCP is totally wrong. All other lighting is great and this mod is until they fix the MCP.

Here's how it looks without the MOD @M_i_k_e_V_o_g and why I have only made a light mod for the MCP.


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I think we better look at Done lighting. Most people will not be bothered but take a look.


The more I look at this the more I see wrong. The light from that light source is wrong.

The light from this done light is casting light onto the breakers/fusers than should and would only come from the green line below Direction. Above that area, it's dark????
Looks wrong.


Now this is a beta and just started work on it but here you can see the breakers/fusers only just catching the light as I think it should be.
Sadly I cannot make a white done light. Only the light as a source. But here is the result so far.

Tell me what you think.


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This Dome lighting is driving me crazy. But I think I've figured out what PMDG have done. When you turn ON Dome lights, your not, your turning on other lights even if they don't show and even have there own switch in the case of the breakers/fusers.
The light on the breakers/fusers is coming from....the overhead breakers/fusers light, that's not even turned on. Now the lighting of that area makes sense but is totally wrong.
So I am going to make Dome lighting that's just Dome lighting. It should change totally the atmosphere/mood in the VC as the light we only come from the 2 sources it should come from.
No Other lighting that should not be there will be. The downside it will not have 2 setting like DIM bright but then you will gain full atmosphere/moodSL.jpg

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