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A320X Cockpit


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I am a member of a flight simulator club and our vocation is to build realistic air cockpits which are used by our members in our facilities or outside during some events.
Our last productions are (see pictures):
- DR 400
- DA62 glareshield
- Boeing 777 (based on PMDG 777X and Prepar3DV4)

Our future 2020 project is to make an A320 cockpit based on FSLABS A320.
For this we need to get all the elements allowing us generating inputs (by pushbutton, switches, encoders, etc) and outputs (lights, displays)
About inputs, most of the information are available through Linda publications, but I'm not totally sure they are covering all the inputs simulated by FSlabs product.

On the other hand, I didn't find any information about the outputs. Typically the offset mapping of outputs and inputs is absolutely necessary to us in order to build this cockpit, if we want to use FSLabs A320X.
Is somebody aware where I could find these information? Or if somebody from FSLabs is reading my post, may be he could help us.




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Fslabs are working on releasing a driver for the Skalarki products. So far i only know the mcdu and fcu are being tested with the beta version of the driver. However any information regarding the driver is pretty much unknown besides that it is being tested. During the annual flight sim show at cosford they were demoing the skalarki products with the fslabs busses.

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