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The Sistine Chapel Of The Sky


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Greetings fellow simmers,

I would like to share with you some screenshots I took of one of the greatest looking aircraft every made, Concorde - The Sistine Chapel of the sky!

Enjoy the view:











The entire series of 20 shots can be viewed at your leisure right here: http://s264.photobucket.com/albums/ii172/Soya4me/TV%20Setup/FSX/2010/Concorde%20X/?albumview=slideshow

Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed the view.

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Gorgeous, you using REX? No texture issues for you I guess :D


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Simply stunning shots as always, Soya!


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Thank you all for your kind comments, I am glad you liked my screenshots of this superbly made a/c.

Gorgeous, you using REX? No texture issues for you I guess :D


Thanks and yes, I am using REX. I do get the texture glitches when I view from cockpit to outside view, I run on full screen so I get mostly a white screen, I simple press escape, comes up do you wish to end the flight, press escape again and usually after a few secs the textures come back. Either that or ALT TAB or ALT Enter twice usually solves it.

Dude - you killed my computer.

Great shots!

Best regards,


Thanks but I'm not paying you for a new computer :).

Awesome shots!

What scenery are you using?


Thanks, the scenery is Earth Simulations latest release, The Isles of Scilly. Like the Concorde X, it really is a master piece, I can highly recommend it to anyone as it won't disappoint.

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Why didn't you put the first screenshot from the slidewhow here??

Is there any way to download that picture for use as a wallpaper? :P Seriously, that is the most photereal looking screenshot of FSX I have seen in my life (and I've seen many)

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Thank you both, glad you liked them.

Awesome: Alas, I can only display 10 shots on 1 post and I had 20 in total, so I had to pick some random onces. If you want some high def of my shots that is easy. Goto the slideshow link, once there move mouse to bottom left where it says 'back to main view', you should see a page with thumbnails of the 20 shots, pick the one you want by clicking on it, once the picture is loaded move cursor to top of picture and you should get a small menu bar, select the zoom option and choose High Res Image, it should then proceed to load up the same image but larger and higher res, then all you have to do is right click and save image, hopefully that should be worthy of desktop wallpaper. Cheers

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just finished my first egll-kjfk concorde flight. with more or minor big/small issues. On of them seems to be coming when on approach. There is no switch for shifting from tru to magnetic course. Only if you use the switsch rad/INS there is a change visible. Maybe thats the reason why some people are not able to land on the runway and alway a few meters left or right.

Ok so far so good, a few shots of the premiere flight.










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Margarita Fiotaki

These are absolutely stunning pics gentlemen!

Thank you for sharing :)

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Thank you Sumit & Margarita, it was a pleasure to share these with you all. Will hopefully have some more shots up in the near future.

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