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P3D V3 Dome lights not illuminating the cockpit

Leiwei Li

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Hi I am here for potential suggestions: It's an old, small but annoying problem, I am really curious about what exactly is going on with my P3D V3.4 320 dome, flood and wing lights: Although I can see the lights are on from the bulbs when turning them on, but the cockpit or the engine (from the wing lights) are not really illuminated (at night).

Here is what I have done trying to fix the problem:

1 Exclude the Spotlights and some other files (Ezdok and Sky Force) from anti-virus software checklists.

2 Restore or uninstall the PTA shades into P3D original shades.

3 Uninstall Ezdok temporarily.

4 Reinstall A320X or Spotlights files.

5 Nvidia Drivers is the suggested version by FSL 320 for P3D v3.4.


All methods above have been conducted both in turn or simultaneously. Both A320X and Spotlights are the lastest updates for P3D V3.4. Compared to solving the problem itself I am more interested in what actually is going on with the cause of the problem. So I will appreciate if there's any suggestion from you guys. Thanks!  

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