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The perfect mix!

Timm Rehberg

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Timm Rehberg

I am pretty shy to post a topic with a name like this. But finally - after a long time..
This is in my opinion - the PERFECT MIX of addons you can actually enjoy!

And now sit back, relax and enjoy :P 

Boarding is starting while the refueling is done!

Such a beautiful view!

PDC received! Thanks by Jakob // Austria vACC (VATSIM)!

Pushback in progress. My tail-shadow on the terminal.

Enjoying the last view before we get cleared for taxi.

There we are. "Eurowings 5922, taxi via Exit 11 and M, A3 holding point RWY29."

The details matters!! (Watch in Full-Size!)

Airborn on the OSPEN4C departure. 

Can't get enough!

Addons used:
Prepar3D v4.4

FlightSim Labs A320-X
FlyTampa Vienna 3.0
REX Sky Force (Technical Beta)
HifiSim ActiveSky Next
FSDreamteam GSX v2
Austria vACC (VATSIM)

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Timm Rehberg
32 minutes ago, NilsUnger said:

No risk no fun. :ph34r:

There is a reason now why VATSIM does not allow you to be away for more than 10min. :D:D:D

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