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Gal Perne

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Today I wanted to do some traffic patterns at LJLJ airport with some VOR and ILS approaches. I started from "on GPU" stage and then manualy started the engines without APU as for testing reasons. Then I filled the FPLN in MCDU and I started taxiing and everything was fine. I departed and performed 2 VOR approaches and then when I was on 3rd VOR approach I landed safelly but suddenly when I took TO/GA thrust detend an "NAV FM/GPS POS DISAGREE" error was displayed on upper ECAM.2019-3-14_20-28-28-102.thumb.png.197c90e658f91954630a7bc7b50bef3c.pngUpper ECAM error 

2019-3-14_21-13-46-344.thumb.png.1657293b864a9f8a7759068dbf67a210.pngND and aircraft on middle of runway

Then I couldnt start the AP or ATHR and also MCDU freezed up. Then I need to perform a manual traffic pattern and visual approach. After vecating the runway I opened up some non-normal airbus A320 procedures and this error was included but I did not know how to get this error fixed. I also saw that MCDU wasnt responding from that error time but I could manually insert ILS and VOR frequencies on radios, so ILS was doing as it should but the VOR did not show like it should. I also noticed that on ND the plane was all time on the middle of runway and not moving but it was just rotating in direction I was flying. Then I tried to re-allign the ADIRS but problem wasnt solved. I also tried to use another state of the aircraft like cold and dark stage but that even not solved the broken MCDU and error.


Anybody had this error in the past?

Do anybody know how to solve this error?

Thanks for all your answers!!

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