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Scott Wilson

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Scott Wilson

EGPF Gate 18 ...... This is just the default TS bright profile and external/VC refs. I'm stunned ! After switching to TS and enabling DR I have a better frame rate. Sorry about the rain its always lashing up here.


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Scott Wilson

Had a quick flight to Shannon, via leeds. Having looked through Tomatoshade, it seems there are a few performance improvement techniques they use. On the ground I have a better frame rate for sure. Oddly im getting slightly fewer FPS but shifting from PTA to TS and enabling dynamic reflections on full seems to have smoothed things out. I need to have a fiddle and get it better tuned. The difference is like night and day. Since P3d4.4 ive not been able to get PTA to look like it used to. A test last night at the default airport, with TS+A320, in the US I had 30fps locked with all dynamic lights on. TS does someting to make them less hungry. I'm running a 5930k @ 4.6 Ghz and a 980TI @ 1.350Ghz.









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Scott Wilson
26 minutes ago, João Silva said:

Hello. How can enable DR?

If you go into OPTIONS / GRAPHICS / LIGHTING (on the left side) , Dynamic Reflections is in the middle of the screen. I cranked mine up and it seems ok. 551226838_Screenshot2019-03-0717_58_33.thumb.png.618d063c3e5efd9df12475ee32d759c5.png



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Scott Wilson


too many TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms)

that dont translate well

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