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FSL Spotlight Manager not connecting to P3Dv4

Cedric Vachellerie

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Cedric Vachellerie


I have been trying to use FSL Spotlight with my P3Dv4.4 Install without success.

The Spotlight Manager cannot connect to P3D. "Simulator disconnected" keeps showing at the bottom left of the Manager window.

Before you ask, some info about what i tried:

-Reinstalled FSUIPC v5

-Reinstalled all SimConnect Legacy libs

-Installed FSL Spotlight after deactivating all Antivirus, Firewall.. and with Administrator rights. (Installed in the default folders)

-Tried to launch FSL Spotlight Manager with Administrator rights after deactivating all AV, Firewall...


Some more infos:

- I have other 3rd party add-ons which connect without problems to P3D (ActiveSky, AirHauler2,UTLive,PROATCX...)

-The option FSL Spotlight appears in the ingame menu bar.

-Using the free version of Spotlight...for the moment.

-Using the last version of Spotlight:

-Trying to use Spotlight for default and other addon aircrafts.

-Using P3Dv4.4


-it's cold today! :)


Would be thankfull for any idea or suggestions on how to get this working. Was so happy to stumble upon this software in order to correct the poor lighting of some aircrafts... ::sigh::

Many thanks in advance for your help.





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Lefteris Kalamaras


the only time the Spotlights Manager cannot communicate with the sim process is when there's a SimConnect.cfg file somewhere in your Documents folders which is set up to configure SimConnect to only be used remotely.

You said you have 3rd party programs that are configured to use Simconnect - do these work in your network / LAN? If so, it's where you should look.

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Cedric Vachellerie

Hi Lefteris,

All my 3rd party add-ons are on local if that's what you mean, on a single computer.

I did find many simconnect.dll but only one simconnect.cfg in the ActiveSky folder. Here is the content:








Anything here that could cause the problem?



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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hi Cedric-

if you only have a single computer, why would you need a simconnect configuration with a server? Or is the "myserveraddress" local?

Can you temporarily rename to .bak and see what happens?

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Cedric Vachellerie

Hi Lefteris,

I have no idea why! I've never touched this file. And when i write "myserveraddress", it's really what's written, not me trying to keep my server address secret. Anyways, i renamed the file to simconnect.bak and FSL Manager still cannot connect to P3Dv4. 

As it s the only simconnect.cfg i had should I create a new one with an explicit (correct) config? Or could one of the simconnect.dlls cause the problem?


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Hi Cedric,

I am curious about this problem.

Can you do me a favor and install Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition, with C++ and .NET options? When you have, we'll PM for further instructions and help regarding how to set up a remote session.

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Cedric Vachellerie

Hi Lefteris,

Will install this tonight, we can then PM to try to find out what causes the problem. It has to work, too much poor lighting in the add-on world :)


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