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[Resolved] No spotlights manual - was: Useless

Stephen Crayton

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Stephen Crayton

I have tried to locate somewhere in the world, the user manual for Spotlights. I have asked users, no reply. I have searched online, no luck. The installer only installs a folder with the DLL's, Effects, and add-on xml file. Product is useless without a user manual. P3Dv4.4 has a pull-down menu for Spotlights, but only asks to "Disable" or "Hide Menu".



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Rafal Haczek

Go to your Windows Start Menu and find FlightSimLabs, Ltd.
In the dropdown menu you will find 'FSLSpotLights x64 Manual'.
Is it 15 pages long and written very nicely if you ask me. Far from being useless.

Enjoy! :)

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