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spotlight is not working in the night

xueyan wang

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hello everyone

spotlight is not working in the night, But it works normally during the day. my spotlight is  2.0.09.  FLBS320 IS FSLabs_A320X_P3D_v2.0.1.266   .Prepar3D_v4_Professional_4.2.21.24048.

who know way.thankyou

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hi, dear kalamaras.the aircraft is our FLabs320, During the flight, when the time shifted to night , the spotlight  effect disappeared. for example,  OVHD INTEGLT ,FLOOD LT  is not working.If you leave the lights on during the day, go straight to night and the cockpit is dark.but today,I found that only in pudong airport ZSPD, other airports are normal.





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Lefteris Kalamaras

You should let the author of that airport know that they're overusing dynamic light effects.

P3D has a bug in selecting which dynamic lights should show when "too many" exist (in theory, the ones furthest away from your eye position should disappear, but the effect is unfortunately random). As a result, the dynamic lights inside the cockpit are lost when too many scenery lights exist.

We've let LM know, but please feel free to add your voice to them as well.

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Thank you very, very much.I finally know why.There is another problem, I wonder if you also know the reason.My AI aircraft software UTlive doesn't work either.Cannot start and load with P3D.I hope you can also give me some advice or experience,thankyou

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