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Working on 748 BETA

David Murden

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The 748 is a wonderful aircraft, but personally I don't like the panel lighting that dates back to the NG though it is a lot better than the NG its still not state of the art. So am learning to make my own with Spotlights.

I would like any feedback to add to, or make what you see better. Please feel free to contribute to make this work better.

All the lighting can be adjusted in intensity to your own liking. none is just fixed amount unlike the default dome 2 stage. 

Here is my default VC with default dome light ON.


Here is the new same view


Here the full VC with default Dome


And the new


MCP Default Look at this full screen.


New lighting


Default Radio




The same with new Reading lights ON


Last one showing how the over head looks with new Dome lights



So there you go, need to add map lights etc but please feel free to add comments how it all could get better.

BTW even with all the lights on and on 100 brightness there is NO FPS hit, none. Just stunning lights coming from a true light source.

All these are done with white lights the colour can be changed. When finished i will ofc share this for anyone who would like to use it. 

I hope you like it as much as I do. 

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Thank you, Lefteris and thanks to your helpful/tips on making the light distance to cut down any chance of FPS hits.

Am going to add tonight.

Front panel lights.

Rear cabin flood light.

Side map lights.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

I am not too sure about those dome lights - perhaps you need to move them lower a bit, as they add hard dark shadows between knobs / switches in the overhead... Otherwise, things look really good!

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OK...update, a few more hours spend looking at photos have lead me to rework the dome lights.

The light was hitting do much of the upfront panel and after @Lefteris Kalamaras suggestion (thank you for all your help) i've added ambient lighting to the overhead. Also I've added the Entry dome light.




Reworked the Reading lights

Full view


My Default VC view with just reading lights on.


Looking down just reading lights on.


Added Chart light


Hoping I've done?

What do you think?

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Hendrik Herryjanto

Hi David, 

Excellent work! 1 question tho, I am assuming that when we use FS Spotlight we can't use the light switch anymore on the vc. We need to turn the lights on using FS Spotlight.



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