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Delivery flight of the newest member of the fleet :D

Lars Hajema

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Lars Hajema

Was lucky enough to have the honor of picking up the brand new A319 out of Toulouse yesterday evening. Did a delivery flight from LFBO to EKCH for SAS, here are some shots.


Brand new of the assembly line in Toulouse


Flex of 77 today as only the pilots and 500KG of cargo are on board


Even though she has less then 100 flight hours, the systems still get check like every other plane.


Bye bye Toulouse! We did do a wing rock during the departure ;)


4300FPM with climb power and flaps up :o 


Just to get a feel for the airplane I decided to turn of the AP and ATH during the app. I'm surprised how little you need to move the thrust to keep her on speed.


Welcome home! Did not notice the bugs on the windshield until we pulled into stand B7, guess someone will have to clean that :lol:



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