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Help With Saitek Multi Panel

Steven Higa

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I am trying to build a fairly inexpensive home cockpit, I've purchased the Saitek Multi Panel and the Switch Panel but they do not make a connection that FSUIPC can 'see'. I want to use the panels but they only work with crappy default aircraft.

I've spoken to Saitek put they only say they are trying to speak to PMDG, that was over a year ago.

Is there any way to remove or reprogramming the Multi Panel to work as a generic device that can be 'seen' by FSUIPC?, thus PMDG aircraft can be at least programmed.

The Pro Flight Yoke system works with FSUIPC and so does the Pro Flight Rudder pedals.

Can the Multi Panel be programmed to send a letter or number when a button is pressed, and knob turned so they could be then used with PMDG aircraft.

I understand that the Multi Panel won't fully work as intended but it will at least provide some enjoyment with other better third party aircraft, rather then the rubbish default aircraft. I want to avoid taking it apart.


Steven Higa

Oxford England

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