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FSLabs A319 Icing recreating of flight American Eagle Flight 4184

Daniel Brüggemann

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Daniel Brüggemann

I has today tryed a scenario of Activsky, and the flight American Eagle Flight 4184  who crashed because of heavy icing. I has ignored all icing warnings because in the ATR you don't has this function so Antiice was off. so off we go.


small icing on ground time to go to the Fl100 5min holding over Lucit, nothing special but first warning come in. But like we are in a ATR we ignore this because the ATR has not this function


Ok next Message show he mean what he say


Comming in the Stall area, now Airbus began to hate me....


The end of the song get not better down we go time to fight for the plane:


But it is too late:



Scarry to make this, special the last moments Masterwarning, Stallwarning, Terrain Pullup Comments sounding around you and you can make nothing. Crashing in the end with 8700 ft/min into the terrain, this will make me nightmare the next day, but is show also how good the icing effect is programed.

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Chris Kreuzbichler
1 minute ago, Roi Bennoun said:

Does icing got any visual ques from the cockpit ? Watching the wing, ice on the wiper etc... 

They have. It's that little 'stick' like thing that is in the middle of both windshields. (It's one)

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Mike Ionas

The wing also gets ice and you will love the effect when enabling anti-ice while flying ;)

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