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Best Caption Contest Winner!

Margarita Fiotaki

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Margarita Fiotaki

Our first ever Caption Contest is now concluded! Wow!

We had lots of contest entries! Some were good... Some were not as good... and some were REALLY funny, witty and all-around awesome!

The judges (our development team) had a difficult time narrowing the competition down. Several emails exchanged, chats over MSN, discussions over Skype, as we reached our conclusion on which captions made the short list! (Unfortunately, we had to dismiss a few entries which would not survive a PG-13 rating, as we also have children watching :) ). They did, however, provide us with some moments of laughter, be assured!

In the end, it was all among the three guys below:

- "ep-irl"

- "Nuker"

- "ScottW"

We are very happy to announce that Scott White has just won a FREE copy of the Concorde-X! :)

Scott W

"Concorde. Arrive before you evolve"


Scott, keep checking our (new!) web site for news on the release of the Concorde-X, and then please contact us at info@flightsimlabs.com. We'll be happy to provide you with your prize!

Congratulations from all of us at Flight Sim Labs!

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