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Newbie seeks help for MCDU module

Rene Bramigk

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Rene Bramigk

I need your help, for the use of the MCDU module of the FSLabs A320 and the connection with an Android tablet.

I know that the question has been asked here several times, but I'm looking for someone who could explain it to me step by step.

What must look like on the desktop icon under properties, I mean the URL. Should this look like, here an example: http: // localhost: IP / mcdu / mcdu.html or http: //IP/mcdu/mcdu.html (IP stands for the address).

Do I have to enter the same address in the tablet as well?

As I said, I need a complete guide on how to do something to see or connect the MCDU on the tablet.

Would be glad if someone can help me there, who already uses it.

Thank you Rene

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Mike Ionas

First of all you must know the IP address in the local network of the machine running your sim and the A320. To find that go to the little network icon in the right of your taskbar, click on it, select Open Network and Sharing Center and the should be a Connections list with Local Area Connection or Wireless Connection depending on how you connect to your home network. Click on that and then click on Details in the Status window that will open. Take note of the Ipv4 Address that will probably be in the form of or something similar. This is the IP Address of your FS machine. Now open your tablet's browser and enter the address for the MCDU:

Replace the with the IP address of your FS machine.

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