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[Resolved] FSL Spotlights Overbright, turns on randomly

Michael Evangelista

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Michael Evangelista

Hi Fslabs,
Firstly, I would like say what great products you have released.

Currently I'm flying the A320x and have decided to do some night time flying. I installed FSL spotlights but i'm having issues controlling the lighting.


In my SIM, when I click DOME from 'off' to 'dim' the whole cockpit lights up with extremely overbright lighting. I click the DOME light 'dim' to 'off' and the lighting stays.

I have to go into FSL SpotLights manager and click reload for the light to turn off. Also sometimes when I am at the gate or taxi, even with the DOME light to 'off' the cockpit lighting turns on by itself. I have tried turning of HDR lighting and testing it. The same outcome applies. I've been reading the forums here, i don't have a firewall or Anti virus installed. I know the communications between FSL spotlights and the sim is working because there is lighting.


I have attached a screen capture of the SIM with FSL spotlights manager open.
I've seen some pre-made presets that users have made for the A320 that I want to test with to see if its just the default setup, but i'm not sure where to put the downloaded config file.


Any help will be much appreciated.



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Michael Evangelista

1.I fixed it, tried reinstalling FSL, no change.
2. uninstalled A320 and FSL.
3. Updated A320 to latest release
4. reinstalled A320 and FSL

Everything working well now, I'm very happy.


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Norman Blackburn

Hello Michael

What you are seeing is not the spotlights.  in addition you should not be using the spotlights manager in the 320 - rather just use the integrated switches.

Glad however you fixed things.

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