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SpotLights and HDR


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I've asked it before, but is there any way possible that FSLabs can make Spotlights independent of HDR ...? Please? For various reasons I prefer to fly with HDR off at night and on the panels that I've done my own cameras/lights it's nothing more than a 1 AMP bulb with a 1 Volt battery. Even with the intensity all the way up to 100% it's hardly visible.

I know, and believe with my whole heart that some day soon, maybe P3D v7 or maybe P3D v10, LM will get its act together and fix their whole lighting system once and for all.

Until then, as the Big Book says, hope will not be ashamed.


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Lefteris Kalamaras


spotlights in P3Dv4 work with spot light effects provided by the LM SDK. As such, you can make that request to LM to work on their spot effects in HDR conditions.

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Thanks for the reply Lefteris ...

Maybe, it will be best if the request comes from developers because my experience until now with LM is that any and all requests from users are either ignored or disregarded. On their public forum, 99% of the help comes from other users and to ask LM direct, you might as well ask a tree to pour you a cappuccino with a much better chance to quench your thirst.

You have much more pull with LM than a few users asking them to reconsider a change in their SDK.

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