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A P3D Film - Airbus A320

Zheng Jiang

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Zheng Jiang

Hollow guys,

I spent most of my spare time in last month composing my new P3D film: Airbus A320.

It cost me about 100 hours to collect all the footage and do the cut. Hope you like it! 

YouTube link:

Some screenshots of the short film:


Enjoy your flight!

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Zheng Jiang
21 hours ago, Luis Ehrt said:

How to make the static camera like airplane spotter? I have chaseplane  but i dont know How do...


You should assign your camera movement control at your joystick buttons and change the camera movement speed everytime.

Look at the screenshots to see what I mean:


There are also a lot You Tube tutorials explaining how to use Chaseplane.

Hope this is helpful!


Jiang Zheng

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Frederic Nadot

Very nice video! It is making me dreaming of new hardware... :(

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Zheng Jiang
On ‎6‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 4:56 PM, Viacheslav Gorovoi said:

Very sexy videoB) 

Cen you public, what PTA set and texture in simulator you using?

Happy to share.

I use a PTA preset based on URP v1.1(and also the sky texture from URP). REX Skyforce3D for 3D cloud textures. Active sky for weather engine.

I'm not quite sure what you mean 'texture'. I use ORBX Global Base and only fly between add-on airports.

Attachment is my PTA preset file and P3D settings.


sopebird PTA and Setting.rar

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