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A320 lighting issue

Jordan Reilly

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Jordan Reilly

Hi all,

I appear to have an issue with lighting in vc on the a320. After searching the forum I've tried reinstalling spotlights with av off and excluding the folders. What happens is when mi in my normal chaseplane vc view I get no lights but if I look at the overhead panel, throttle etc. by panning the lights come back. This only happens momentarily and then it's all normal again. I've attached a video showing the problem.

Many thanks,



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Gerald Krutsch

@Jordan Reilly yes, that is what I meant!

Try following: fire up p3d at night where you can observe the lights turning off. When they are off, either kill UTLCLIENT.exe from taskmanager completely or decrease UTL Traffic step by step by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F11.

I bet your lights will turn on at some point ;).

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