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Unable to use a320 sim

Orland Espiritu

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Orland Espiritu

Need help

earlier i installed with the vr and 2d panel there was a dashboard and housing for the instruments however the screens were all black and the toggle switchs didnt move and i tried reinstalling with 2d panel only and this appears


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Lars Hajema

Hello @Orland Espiritu,

could you please register your A320 to your profile as for the forum rules? 

Also please note that support is not given in the screenshot section. Please post this in the A320 subforum (not in the A320 general forum though)

All the best,


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Michael Salmon

Boss, sorry to say but that looks like the same laptop I have at work (Dell Latitude) and if that's the case, there is no way FSLABS will run on it.

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