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Spotlights causing P3D v4.2 to not start

Gustav Kauman

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Gustav Kauman

Hi guys.

I've been having a problem lately where P3D v4.2 will show the splash screen and then disappear from the screen and menubar, but continue to run as a process. I've narrowed the problem down to something with FSL Spotlights (hence posting here). Here's what I've done so far:

  • I've installed Spotlights, with admin rights, in another place than the default
  • Excluded main P3D folder, Spotlights install folder and a series of others from my antivirus.
  • I've added Spotlights to the addons. cfg file. Here I saw that turning the add-on off/on would remove/add the problem.

None of the steps above has fixed the problem (other than turning the add-on off, but that just makes the lighting in the 320X a bit boring ;) )

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I'm using the latest verson: v2.0.0.7

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Alec De Kuyper

I have the exact same problem. I reinstalled spotlights and then p3d started nomally again. After installing another addon, the problem was back (with spotlights). Reinstalled spotlights again and seems ok for the moment. So maybe a problem with addon.cfg or xmls?

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