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A320-X P3D 4.2 Spotlights


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Norman Blackburn

Hi @Georgios Giannoukos

To confirm, you bought Spotlights?  If its just for the 320x then nothing - all the controls in the 320x will operate the lights.  For other aircraft there are a number of great youtube tutorials.

I've moved the post to spotlights forum btw.

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Norman Blackburn

Two places.

1st is within the simulator.  if you look in the bottom left of the screen you will see a small icon.

2nd is within your Windows Start menu under Flightsimlabs.


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Norman I have a constant problem.Please if you can help me. The APU is on, APU bleed is on, engine #2 starts normally but engine #1 not possible to start.

Everything looks normal as it supposed to be, but impossible to start engine one.

Kan you help me please what cause it? PSI is as for engine #2 but impossible.


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first of yll please read the manuals. They are indispensable with addons of this complexity.

if you can't get it to run please post this in the appropriate subforum. But it sounds like a corrupted panel state. wait for the initialization countdown to reach zero before you touch ANYthing.

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