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[Resolved] Help me understand the program FSLabs_SpotLights_v2.0.0.7

Sergei Lanshin

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Sergei Lanshin

Hello. Help me understand the program FSLabs_SpotLights_v2.0.0.7
I have installed P3D v 4.2 and FSLabs_A320X_P3D_v2.0.1.231
By default, the aircraft does not have FCU backlighting.
I read all the manuals and forums. On all screenshots for the installation of light there are two windows. One blue and one big white. I can not find to open the blue window. I only open
FSLSpotLights x64 Manager (white window). I can not assign a highlight! Defender Windows is completely off! Help please understand! Sorry for my english, this is not my native language.


Снимок экрана (2).jpg

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Hendrik Herryjanto

You don't need to configure anything when using Spotlight with FSL A320. All the buttons for the lights are there and it is all adjustable. 

I can't see your screenshot, it's too small. 

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