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Lets go with the new update in 4.2


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Test at Night is 8xMSAA the better option.

SSAA at Night with DL rockt my 1080 at 100%:D 


In general, one can say that the performance has really gotten better.


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J0hannes Butz
2 hours ago, Benjami Beyer said:

SSAA at Night with DL rockt my 1080 at 100%

MSAA doesn't? I'm always at 100% on my Ti with DL, no matter what AA settings i use :huh: but MSAA is way more fluid and has tons less input lag for me

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Roovee Ravikumar
43 minutes ago, roovee said:

Hey, where did you get the new version files? On clicking the link I see the original (old) version and not the new version.

Thanks, Ravi.


Found it now. Had to select the new serial number!!!

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