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My Flight Deck is Dark - Spotlights Issue

Taylor Fox

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Hello all,


I recently purchased the incredible A320-X series. I'm stunned at the level of detail - it was definitely worth the wait! Great job, FSLabs.

Unfortunately, I am struggling to get Spotlights to work. I'm running steam edition and the FSLabs A320-X, and loading the aircraft at night. I can open the Spotlights manager and play around with the settings, but nothing changes in the cockpit. The dome lights illuminate but do not change the panel light level. The flood lights do not illuminate the panel. I can see the Spotlights icon in the Add-ons drop down menu, but I cannot open anything. I've already read through the forums and disabled Windows Defender. 

Any advice from anyone who has dealt with this or the FSL team?

Thank you!

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Lefteris Kalamaras


use the aircraft controls themselves for the lights, not the FSLSpotlights Manager, as the product is integrated with the knobs and switches of the aircraft itself.

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Thank you for your response!

I have been using the controls in the aircraft and unfortunately nothing seems to be working. I can edit the lighting in spotlights, but when I click save, nothing happens. When I’m in the cockpit of the Airbus, the lighting switches and knobs do not control any lights. 

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Please take some time to read previous posts in this subforum, you will realize you don't need to use the spotlight manager at all. You need to set up Spotlights correctly with the proper antivirus exclusions and use the knobs/switches inside the aircraft to control the lights directly.

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