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[Resolved] Flight deck lighting


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Hey guys!

So I’m getting pretty frustrated with my A320 because for a while the flight deck lights were working great and looked beautiful but now they no longer work. I’ve hninstalled and reinstalled using the proper method. And YES I had fspotlight installed and running and still nothing on lights. So now I can only fly the bus during the day and not at night. Please help!!

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Norman Blackburn

When you say the proper method, does this include setting all of the exclusions in your Windows Defender and any other Anti Virus software you have running?

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Norman Blackburn

Can you:

1. Re enable defender

2.  Post a screenshot showing the exclusions.

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Norman Blackburn

Also they should look more like:

C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\
C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSLabs
C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\Spotlights
Prepar3D installation folder

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