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Artifacts with TFDi 717 and Dynamic light

Henrik Bergvin

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Henrik Bergvin

So, I've been really happy with FSL Spotlights, allowing me to use cockpits when it would otherwise be too dark, or the default lighting would be too poor. However, the other day I ran into a problem and I've spent so much time trying to figure it out.

With the TFDi 717 active, and FSL Spotlights loaded, I would get these weird artifacts in my view. Black (and sometimes green) boxes, and some white spots at times. They would go away if I turned off dynamic lights, but now I've narrowed it down to possibly being related to FSL Spotlights interaction with RealLight from TFDi (and Dynamic Lighting). Disabling FSL Spotlights (by not allowing it to start at all with the sim) removes the issues completely as far as I can tell. Here is a video of the artifacts.



This has been reported to TFDi as well, but seeing as I have had this happen with other aircraft (the Carenado PC-12, for instance), I don't think it is on their end - though it definitely seems to be aggravated by RealLight and Dynamic Lights.

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Johannes Beck

I can tell you that it's definitely connected to Spotlights in any way, as I also encounter it with the A320X, as soon as any light is turned on. What you can not tell is if it's FSLab's fault, because this could be on Lockheed's side and the behaviour of multiple dynamic lighting sources mixed together.

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I have seen this too and thought my graphic card was dirty :lol:

I've noticed that it happens as soon as there are a LOT of other lights around. Be it Aerosoft's Zürich Airport, FT's Schiphol, many other Cockpit lights or many city lights.

Altough I have NOT seen it on Orbx airports so far. 

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