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Can't get FSLSpotlights to work in my 320

Fabio Scardicchio

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Fabio Scardicchio

Sup guys :)

For some weird reason I cannot see the FSLSpotlights Icon nor does the VC Flood/dome lighting work I tried reinstalling it, didn't work. I had no d3d11.dll in my sim whatsoever.

I'd be glad if I could get some expert support :D thanks in advance!

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Fabio Scardicchio

I think I should add that I also can't see the square which you are supposed to press in order to open FSL spotlight. It is installed as I can see it in my sim on the add ons tab

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Same here, as already indicated I have put the exemptions in place within defender and tried an un-install and re-install of both spotlights and the aircraft.  No joy on either, however when the refuelling truck for GSX arrives, the panel lights up from its headlights!


OK, removed the exceptions in Windows Defender and re-applied them:


(Your P4D Add-on Folder)\FSLabs
(Your P4D Add-on Folder)\Spotlights


It now works again as it should do.  Something changed in the background.

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Fabio Scardicchio

tried that as well and it didn't work unfortunately :( I opened a support ticket quite a while ago and it  is still on the "open" status.


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