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Spotlight error p3d v3.4


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Hello all

I have problem with Fsl Spotlight v1.00.33. I have tried everything I've also read everything that has been discussed here but it is up to Spotlight if I uninstall it goes P3d v3.4 again. I also disabled all virus programs. it is a problem with Spotlight

I have version Prepar3d v3.4.22.19868

even if I do not use the fsl a320 crashes p3d. I also have nvidia version 376.33 there is no dxgi error device hung more but p3d still crashes with the nvidia drivers must also be regulated because it happens only with the spotlight.

  I do not know if it is due to Microsoft Kb4038788 problem but on the 12th comes an update, then I'll be back.

sorry my english is not very good

Desktop Screenshot 2017.12.01 - (2).png

Desktop Screenshot 2017.11.26 -

Desktop Screenshot 2017.12.01 -

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Here you can see the problem better.

My Nvidia Driver Version is; 388.43. And Windows Version 1709.

DirectX 12

Flightsimlabs Team Please fix these problems as there are many, with spotlight.

I made a clean installation and released spotlight in the defender and disabled the antivirus programs but these problems still exist.

Desktop Screenshot 2017.12.02 - (2).png

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Lefteris Kalamaras

This issue has been answered several times in our forum - it's a combination of P3D v3.4.22 and NVidia latest drivers. You need to revert to 376.66 or older drivers to resolve this, and complain (loudly) to NVidia and LM for not updating their code to prevent the DXGI HUNG error.

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