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A few useful features that i think should be implemented


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Hi guys!

Being such a light freak as im, i dont know how i waited so long to buy spotlights. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!, my god.

Most of my planes had lights that don't illuminate enough, are too dim (dome and ambient in a2a cherokee/commanche), nonexistent passenger cabin lights (realair duke) etc. all of those problems are things of the past with spotlights!, so a big thanks to the entire team for this amazing product.

Having said that, during the configuration process i saw the need of some visual aids to help in the process. When you create a new light with spotlights you don't know where the orb is pointing at, where it is protecting its light. you need to "figure it out". It may be really helpful if the orb had a 3d arrow pointing in the direction of its light, that way i could focus the light exactly where i wanted without guessing.

Another visual aid that can be added is related to the angles. The light is protected as a 3d cone. It may be really helpful if we could visualize the boundaries of said cone. As it is right now i just play with the angles until i get the effect that i want but there's a fair amount of trial and error, guessing etc. If i could see the boundaries of the cone i could get the effect that i want a lot faster and without so much guessing.

Something that can be helpful too is if we could create smaller lights (Like a light that just illuminate a few inches) with a bean that is highly focused. that kind of beam could be used to illuminate panel gauges like those found in GA planes.

Oh btw, I just realized that i own every single product made by fsl now: First the concorde, the airbus, spotlights etc. Do i get a mug of something? maybe the A318 for free? :D what do you say @Lefteris Kalamaras



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Lefteris Kalamaras


first of all - thanks for supporting us as a customer, it's very appreciated.

We do have these suggestions already in our radar, it's just a matter of finding the time to implement them - at the moment, time is at a big premium :).

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Good to hear!

I hope you guys keep improving the product after you release the A31X :D. Its amazing the level of customization that can be reached.

(I just noticed that you dint mentioned my mug uh.. -_-)

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