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A320 Spotlight do not work

Magnus Andersen

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Magnus Andersen


when i install FSLabs a320 and FSLSpotlight, i do not work in the cockpit. When i turn the dome light on, there come No light. Also the charts light will not work. Can anybody help?

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Hello magnus. In my case when I wan't use P3D V4.1 I Switch Off Windows Defender. Never any Pb with all my Aircraft, for one or five hours flight. Try to turn off windows defender and fly safe...


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Yeah I have avast on my PC and it’s screwing with my .dll files . Turn it off or add an exclusion for the files in program files and program data also the documents folder then restart your Sim . Should work by then 

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Magnus Andersen

Can someone go to: C:\Users\(Name)\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 IAE and copi th FSLSpotlights. And send it to me?

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Norman Blackburn
16 hours ago, Magnus Andersen said:

Waht do you mean Norman?

I mean make sure you add an exclusion in your antivirus - AND Windows Defender for all of these places.  it will save you stress and anguish.

C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\
C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSLabs
C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\Spotlights
Prepar3D installation folder

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