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[Resolved] P3d Crash after Spotlights install

Harald Huber

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Dear Staff,


I just installed Spotlights and lost the ability of using the bus. It crashes the Sim as soon as I hit Fly. Not sure how can I get a detailed report of the crash, just reinstalled the Bus without Spotlights and no fix, still getting P3d crash.




PS> I just realized that I posted this in the wrong Subforum, any staff can move it to the Crash to Desktop forum?

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Arnaud de Saint Hilaire

Same pb here, Spotlight crash P3D V4.1.

If I un-install it, the game run ok.

I don't have the VRS or Milviz dll mentionned in the FAQ. I run Windows 10. Any help will be appreciated.

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14 hours ago, Stefan Schwarm said:

Welcher Regedit Fehler denn?

Q: Prepar3D crashes and the Event Viewer suggests a crash in FSLSounds.dll.

A: This is because something caused an error in a previous load of Prepar3D and Windows decided to intervene and permanently mark that DLL as unsafe. You need to run "regedit", find the registry setting for

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

and in there, edit the entry for Prepar3d.exe to REMOVE any mentions of

Data = $IgnoreFreeLibrary<FSLSounds.dll>

(or the other FSL dlls accordingly).

Then, restart the sim - you'll get the error message once again, but click Yes, and the application will work correctly this time.

Also, make sure your sim is marked and running with "Run as Administrator".

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Hi, I have a similar problem but not sure what I am supposed to do with the Prepar3d.exe in Regedit. Am I supposed to delete it as I can't edit it as you say?

When I deleted it I had a message as I started P3D back up and it said it was repairing the registry and once it has got to 100% loaded it crashes out again.

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