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Disappearing spotlights window V2

Pete Little

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Hi All,

I have an issue where my spotlights window will disappear, This may well be me but as it's only just come out I thought I would check.

When I start P3dv4.1 My spotlight window starts minimised in the bottom left corner,clicking on that brings the window up all ok and if I minimise the window it returns back to the left corner minimised. However if I use the Hide window option from the Addons tab  fsl spotlights at the top of the screen  then the minimised arrow disappears which is what I assume is correct  but if I then click to show window again I get nothing.no minimised icon or the window itself, but the tab thinks it's showing the window ,as the option changes to hide window again. I've tried this at LGAV and at other airports,but as its still the trial version  i'm using I would only expect full functionality at LGAV but the results are the same regardless.

Any ideas if it might be me or if I've come across a potential issue?

I do have one other issue but not sure if its spotlights related or p3dv4.1  where by going from borderless screen and bordered screen and trying to turn spotlights window on I loose the ability to change aircraft or location. At the moment this only seems to be with the default lockheed electra but need to test further

 Thanks for any info you can provide


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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply,but not entirely sure what you mean.If you mean am I using the spotlight manager that can be started without p3d running, then no i'm not.

This is all purely from within a running p3dv4 and the addons tab at the top of the screen using the spotlights from the drop down options

I also double checked that i'm using v2 of spotlights and not the older version the only thing I have also noted is that the 2 options ie disable and hide window have small asteriscs beside them 

Hope that makes sense


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Norman Blackburn

Hi Peter,

I think what Bob is asking is - are you trying to manipulate the spotlights in the 320-x or is this you manipulating spotlights on other aircraft at LGAV (or a purchased spotlights license)

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Hi Norman,

I'm not trying to change the A320 lights at all ,the issue is, that the spotlight window diappears if I select hide option from the addons dropdown from within p3dv4.1.Selecting show window afterwards does NOT bring the window back. But in the addons dropdown spotlights thinks that it has worked because the option changes again to hide window.

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