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My easy setup/removable A320 cockpit build

Ryan McBride

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Ryan McBride

In preparation for the upcoming FSLabs A320 release for P3D 4.1, I've been spending my time working on an A320 home cockpit setup.

My goals for this project were quality, easy set up/removal (need to quickly convert to working desk, as I work from home), and authenticity in control feel. 

Full gallery here: https://imgur.com/a/QxdOp 

Looking forward to the release, FSLabs team!

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Rishabh Naidu

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for sharing..just amazing to see how you have procured only key components for quick setup with cockpit realism tactile feel for the aricraft;

Could you please share CAD render dimensions/drawings for side stick/tiller enclosure (if it is not confidential);

Thanks & reagrds


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Ryan McBride


I had my enclosure manufactured by a company called ProtoCase (www.protocase.com) so I used their free CAD tool, ProtoCase Designer (http://protocasedesigner.com/).
I have attached my ProtoCase Designer file. It is specifically designed to fit the Vier Im Pott sidestick and tiller hardware. If I were to do it again, I'd tweak the measurements slightly, as it's all a very tight fit. But it works.


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