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Can't start FSX with spotlights installed

Pierre Boileau

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Pierre Boileau

I bought A320X yesterday and it works fine, so far, but only when spotlights is not installed.

When spotlights v 1.00.33 is installed, I even can't  load FSX, I got an error message : " mfc80.dll file is missing on your computer .."  at the very beginning.

If I uninstall spotlights, everything returns to normal...

Do you have any idea to fix this ?



W7 64 bits - FSX SP1 - Nvidia GTX1080 driver 382.05..

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I had exactly the same problem and I logged a support ticket. The thread I started has been 'hidden' and so far I've had no useful help from anybody. I've been accused of conveniently 'blaming' FSL Spotlights for my problem, but now that you have the same issue, perhaps they'll listen and do something about it. I hope you get better support than I have so far.

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Have you had any help from FlightSimLabs on this issue?

If you look down this thread at the post dated December 21st 2016 you'll see that "support" have been aware of this problem for a very long time and it's still not fixed.


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Pierre Boileau

Hi Peter,

Since last friday i'm just trying to get a support ticket confirmation message.

It seems there is a problem ...

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