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Spotslights DXGI error

Jason Richardson

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Norman Blackburn


I guess the first thing is to use your real name.

In regard to Spotlights, what is the error you are getting?    

Something like this?


Image result for dxgi p3d


(moving post to the proper forum)

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Anton Lugtenburg

Hey, i had the same issue after updating to the newest NVIDIA Drivers. After rolling back to 376.53 the problem vanished as before...


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Luciano Iavelli

Just a waste of time for me, even rolling back the driver to several old versions didn't fix the infamous error Started a couple of weeks ago, never observed before.

Resigned to fly my FSL A320X in daylight (without spotlights the dusk/night default lighting is very weak).

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Jason Richardson

Mr. Blackburn, so how I interpreted your response is that if I don't use my real name support is constricted? I just want to know what's the problem with spotlight and the CTD. Also to answer your question again, that is exactly the error message I'm getting.


Kind regards.

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Norman Blackburn

See point 1

Re the error, it's an issue with nvidia.  Yes it's highlighted when using spotlights but the issue is with the card driver.   As stated elsewhere, people get that error and don't even have a Flight Simulator installed.

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